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Maybe next year things will improve, but thumbs up EA for the novelty anyway. I'll have to restate what I claimed in the FIFA 07 review, at least in the PSP version... It's been proved (through my thumb's sacrifice) that the analog control can really annoy you and make your fingers hurt after a prolonged use. Some of you will say that I can always switch to the D-pad controls, but they're too rigid for my taste and I will never be able to setup the team's tactics with the analog control system. Shiny golden stars are the game's main pickup and they give you points and good ratings of the end of each level. No more fair racing for you, because the opponents are hungry for victory and will push you off the track firing rockets at you without mercy. Use the shield to deflect their missiles, leave red Proxima Nova Font boxes behind (Crash Bandicoot anyone?) or collect missiles and fire them towards the other cars. Auto-locking is something that happens from time to time in GripShift and pushing a targeting button while racing at formidable speeds would have been a real pain. Using Nitrous boosts is one of the ways you can get golden medals in every challenge, but be wary, because you might be tempted to use it all the time making the car more difficult to handle. The firing will be done with the circle button, which makes the control system pretty intuitive considering that Nitrous is used with the R button. Use the handbrake at any time, especially in the curves to feel the rush while your car spins almost to death near the track's edge. I personally hate the keeper in UEFA Champions League 2006-2007, because he's the cause of about 60 percent of the goals I receive and about 90 percent of the long distance goals. He has a tendency to play it risky, leaving the net to support the defenders and so he'll be easily beaten with a well-placed lob. The directional pad will prove to be extremely useful for a quick change of tactics, because with a single press of the up button you'll start a counter attack or you'll start to attack on the wings by pressing the right button. This isn't the type of game where you'll be tackling all the time, since the action is fast-paced and one missed tack

On the town map you'll be able to see each gang's area of influence, and the rings that surround a gang icon show how powerful that group is. You might have already realized by playing the game or reading the review that this title is very similar to its prequel, it even gets worse than its predecessor. There are lots of repetitive side missions to do if you're an unlockables fanatic, but the combats are so boring and the rewards so insignificant that they're not worth the few hours of your life. An electrical charge is enough to hear the pleasant buzzing sound that lets you know the area is cleared. I enjoyed becoming paranoid, thanks to Ubisoft's cleverly designed levels, with hidden cameras and sensors all over the place. The secret agent is a nocturnal animal, so night vision will be very useful while strolling through the enemy base. It feels good to change vision and play with any of the modes offered by Sam's trademark goggles. The most visually challenging of them is the heat seeking vision mode that shows you the heat sources around, human heat included. Would it be considered a pun if I said that fingerprints can come in handy? They really do, because our favorite agent will use ultraviolet rays and scan fingerprints, using them to unlock doors. Sam can also be some sort of hacker and get information from JBA's computers by using a gadget that allows him to connect to the PC-s without even touching them. Enlarge picture What I loved about 2K's latest hit was the fast-paced game and the animations of the crowd, the coach and the players' moves. Some of my fellow gamers saw the demo and stated that the game encourages you to score too much, leaving the whole defensive concept aside. It's somewhat true, as it's ten times easier to score than to protect your "Zone". The demo of the game allows you to play with the Spurs or Cavs, two of the best NBA teams, with a rich history and great players included in the rosters. I wasn't impressed by the AI, but I'm still waiting for the full version to judge it properly. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that the CPU players can taunt and dunk as easily as a human opponent does. The only thing that bothered me was that the game is often interrupted by replays, sequences that show the crowd, the coach or even the mascot. This ads a bit of "telly" feeling to the experience, There are about 4 types of enemies that you?ll encounter: Davy Jones? men, Royal soldiers, pirates and locals from either Singapore or Isla Cruces. They only attack in packs of three, have them the same two or three moves and the same two or three lines. Do you sense some repetitive action over here? I had fun while fighting the huge Kraken boss, because I had to protect the sailors who readied the cannons meant to destroy the beast, by cutting the creature?s tentacles. In the meantime it kept growling, shaking the ship and stealing away members from my crew. The game?s action can vary a lot depending on the character you choose to play with and you?ll see that Elizabeth is weaker but more agile, while Will has more technique than Jack. Learning a couple of combos in the beginning of the game will make this title fairly easy and you?ll reach the final mission in no time, without frustration, but with your fingers aching. Enlarge picture Another Metroid-specific aspect is of course the fact that you need to be on the lookout for everything. Sticking to the franchise's roots, Co


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